Let’s compare 5 top towables for your boat of 2024 in detail.

Towable tubes are a great choice for fun days out on the water making memories. Boats & Charters editors reviewed the best towable tubes of 2024. Read on for our editors’ top picks!

Nothing screams excitement more than a towable tube. Towable tubes are so easy to attach to your boat with a tow rope – we like this one by Airhead. The right towable tube can be a great way to add exhilarating core experiences to your boating memories this summer.

Over the years, manufacturers’ product offerings have become quite vast, and choosing the perfect option for your family can seem daunting. Whether you’re looking for ultra comfort, nimble speed and performance, or something in between, our picks have you covered.

Here are the best towable tubes of 2024, reviewed by our editors:

1. Airhead Super Mable Towable Tube – Boats & Charters Captain’s Choice


Experience the ultimate thrill on the water with the classic Airhead Super Mable towable tube, a top-of-the-line 1-3 rider tube designed specifically for boating and water sport fun! Featuring multiple grab handles with knuckle guards, this tube offers secure gripping options for riders of all sizes, enabling you to maintain balance even during high-speed maneuvers. This is a crowd-favorite and it’s the staple tube you’ll see all over the lake this summer.

What really sets the Airhead Super Mable apart from other tubes is its innovative dual tow points. With both front and back tow points available, you have complete control over your riding experience. Attach your rope to the front tow point for an adrenaline-fueled ride that sends you soaring airborne or opt for the back tow point to enjoy a smoother cruise along calmer waters – it’s entirely up to you!

Durability meets functionality with this amazing tube. The heavy-duty full nylon cover not only withstands rough handling but also features a convenient zipper for easy access when inflating or deflating. To ensure maximum comfort, The incorporated EVA foam pads provide a cushioned ride while minimizing impact. Crafted with a unique backrest/front riser construction, the Airhead Super Mable ensures optimal support and stability as you blast through the waves. Everyone on the lake has one!

2. Airhead Patriot 2-Person Towable – Best Red White & Blue Tube


Blast through the waves in patriotic style this summer with the Airhead Patriot. This high-velocity boating tube stands out with its patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme, making it a hit among other boat towables during the summer holidays. It’s sold out now, but we’ll update this post when it’s back in stock! It’s worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on ahead of Fourth of July.

This fun and durable tube features tow points on both the front and back, allowing riders to easily customize their experience by choosing how they want to connect to the ski rope. You can opt to stay seated and enjoy a relaxed, chariot-style ride against the padded backrest. Alternatively, take it up a notch and choose to fly across the lake on your knees with the support of the padded EVA seats.

It’s equipped with a high backrest and supportive side walls, keeping riders in place and providing a comfortable and secure ride during thrilling rides across the water. Dimensions of the tube measures 66 x 69 inches, making it suitable for accommodating 2 riders and can be used as a comfortable social float when not connected to the tow boat.

3. Airhead 3-Person Hot Dog Towable – Funniest Tube


Get ready to spice up your summer days with the Airhead Hot Dog Towable! This one-of-a-kind tube is specially designed for all the watersport enthusiasts out there who love a good laugh. Not only does this fun tube comfortably accommodate 1-3 riders, but it also comes with neoprene seat pads for extra cushioning so you can spend hour after hour in comfort!

The double-stitched full nylon cover ensures durability while adding an element of style that will make heads turn. You won’t find another product like this anywhere else. Airhead didn’t forget about safety, either. The Airhead Hot Dog Towable features deluxe nylon handles with neoprene knuckle guards. Laugh hysterically all summer long with the Airhead Hot Dog! 

4. WOW Sports 3-Person Towable Ducky Tube – Best for Families, 13% OFF NOW


Take your watersport adventures to a whole new level of comfort and fun with the WOW Sports Ducky Towable Deck Tube. The custom Softail ensures a ride that’s smooth and exhilarating. No need to worry about those sharp turns or crazy jumps – this towable has got your back covered! This impressive towable isn’t limited to just two buddies having a blast together; it can accommodate up to three friends at once. That means more laughter and more fun!

The large EVA foam body comes equipped with pads on the deck for side riders. The side bumper system is designed to keep riders on the tube for extreme rides. The Ducky was also designed with safety in mind, featuring a distinguished hi-vis design. The Ducky tube is durable, featuring a heavy-duty, wide-webbed, 3-point tow system construction to last season after season of hysterical fun. The built in molded EZ TOW connector for EZ tow point hook up is convenient and safe, and heavy-duty nylon construction offers stability during toughest rides.

5. RAVE Sports Diablo Boat Towable – Best Speed Tube, 25% OFF NOW


Don’t settle for ordinary this summer! Hit the water with the RAVE Sports Diablo! Measuring at 48” x 56” x 12″ when inflated, this bad boy offers plenty of room for you and your partner-in-crime to ride side by side hour after hour of summer fun. Designed for 2 riders, with a weight capacity of 340 lbs. makes it great for all age groups and skill levels.

Features a secure and reliable quick connect tow point that makes it easy to attach the tow rope to a boat or other watercraft, ensuring an easy method to attach the tow rope and get on the water in minutes. Features large, padded handles with EVA foam knuckle guards to avoid hand scuffs and discomfort. These handles provide a secure grip for riders, making for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Designed for easy boarding, this boat towable tube has a low-profile tapered design and rear boarding strap that makes it easier to climb onto from the water. Live life on the edge with the RAVE Diablo!

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This tow rope is a must-have if you’re purchasing a towable tube for your boat for the first time. Go with a tow rope designed by the top-selling towable tube manufacturers. We like this one from Airhead. This one is made for tubes with one to two riders. We also like this tow rope by Airhead for up to three riders (17% OFF NOW) or this tow rope by Airhead for up to four riders (24% OFF NOW).

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