We do the work so you can spend more time in the sun.

Making boat-related purchases can be challenging. Every purchase decision can make or break your day out on the water. It’s really hard to find  reviews online in the boat industry from writers who live and breathe boating. Most authors of these articles have never even stepped foot on a boat. 

That’s not the case at Boats & Charters. We can tell you everything about what you need for a great day out on the water because we live it. Plus, you’ll appreciate the time saved doing your own research. More time to plan your next day out in the sun. 

Plus, we actually care about the water and marine ecosystems. So you’ll find plenty of good-for-the-environment picks and sustainability solutions for your time out on the water. We believe in protecting our coral reefs, keeping underwater life safe and thriving, and enjoying the water responsibly and as one with the water. This is what sets us apart even from boating magazines that have been around for decades. Protecting and preserving marine ecosystems is a pillar of our ethos at Boats & Charters. 

We also support the marine industry, boat shows, and charter businesses that line the coasts and lakes of our country.

When you click through our site to a retailer, we may earn affiliate commissions. This does not impact our coverage and we never recommend something we wouldn’t buy ourselves.

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