Last Updated: February 14, 2024

When you use or interact with Boats & Charters,, we and third parties may obtain certain information about you. Read below for a transparent description of our practices. 

We use information to create better content for our audience. Here’s what information we may be collecting:

  • Information you provide when you use and interact with Boats & Charters, including when you sign up for newsletters, engage with us on social media, or purchase products through our links. This may include your contact or demographic information. 
  • Information you submit when you choose to participate in a giveaway.
  • Information you give us about others, such as a friend’s contact information if you sign them up for our newsletter.
  • Information collected by automated means such as cookies or pixels like IP address or mobile device advertising identifiers, this includes things like location. We may also collect information about how you and others use, interact with or respond to Boats & Charters. This collection may take place while you are actively using Boats & Charters or while Boats & Charters is running in the background of your device.

We may provide information to others 

  • To advertisers, advertising- and marketing-related services providers and business partners as well as data companies that help us learn how you and others interact with our content. 
  • To social media platforms and similar services, including when you interact with Boats & Charters that integrate tools and services provided by social medial platforms. 
  • To other parties if required by law.
  • With your consent or otherwise at your direction. 

Additional information 

  • If you transact on something reviewed or linked to in Boats & Charters, your result and experience with the transaction is through that business and not Boats & Charters. For example, if you ordered a product through our review article that was from a retailer like Amazon, but a faulty product is delivered, you must handle your return, complaint, refund, etc. through Amazon directly. If for example, you book a charter excursion through a recommendation on Boats & Charters and the service mishandles your booking, you will need to sort that with the charter service directly. We want to hear your feedback as well, positive or negative, to make our reviews even stronger, so we recommend letting us know if you do have a positive or negative experience with something you were inspired to try through our reviews.

Contact Us 

If you have questions or feedback, please reach out to boatsandcharters (at)   

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