Let’s review the top underwater scooter of 2024 in detail.

Sea scooters are a great choice for divers, snorkeling enthusiasts, and water junkies alike. Boats & Charters editors reviewed the best underwater scooter gadgets of 2024. Read on for our editors’ top picks!

A sea scooter will make you feel like you’re holding onto a dolphin’s fin, except, a dolphin you can steer. If you saw someone on the shoreline with one of these gadgets and don’t know where to begin, just hang loose. We’ve done the research and know exactly what you are looking for. 

The only sea scooters we recommend are lightweight, compact, and easy to control. Sea scooters can take you anywhere you want to go underwater up to nine miles per hour. You can hold onto one for a sunset shoreline ride or take things a bit deeper and go for a real dive letting your scooter effortlessly pull you along the way. 

We recommend referencing the manufacturer’s recommendations and being extra safe with this water gadget. It feels like common sense that you wouldn’t want the sea scooter to take you on a dive deeper than you would be able to swim up on your own, for example. Recreationally, these things are a blast but as with anything on the water, brush up on best safety practices before you let your adrenaline take the lead. 

There’s one sea scooter we need to talk about here, and that’s the one you can attach to wake boards and paddle boards. That will be the Waydoo brand that you can use as a handheld or easily hook up to your board. You can even use this one under your knees and be propelled through water mermaid-style. It’s hands-down the best quality and most popular device in the underwater sea scooter category.  

Here is the best underwater scooter of 2024, reviewed by our editors:

Waydoo Subando Underwater Scooter – Boats & Charters Captain’s Choice


Liven up your snorkeling adventure with the world’s smallest and lightest underwater scooter – the Waydoo Subnado. This powerhouse delivers up to 14.3 lbs. of thrust thanks to its proprietary propulsion system. The Subnado uses an advanced 100W fast-charging technology, and only takes 1.2 hours to fully charge its battery, so you can get back out exploring quickly.

It also features 3 speeds and cruise mode, which allows you to cruise through the water for up to 56 minutes. The Subnado is durable, with an anodized aluminum-alloy housing, which allows it to go as deep as 197ft, and a detachable finger safeguard is fitted to reduce the risks of accidental propeller injury.

The Subnado was meant for travel, too. Its portable size makes it easy to fit in carry-on luggage for your next diving adventure. The finger-ring controller can control the Subnado with a single finger. With various mounting brackets available, the Subnado can be attached anywhere on your arms or legs, a gas cylinder, or even a SUP board, freeing your hands. Hop on today and experience the next generation of diving innovation!

Oh, and if you’ve ever seen someone flipping around fast and catching air on a board without any waves in sight, they have attached the Waydoo sea scooter (likely) to their own wakeboard or paddle board. They may have also made the splurge for the Waydoo One Flyer, which is a pricey new for-fun product that water sport junkies are snatching up. You can anticipate seeing more of these on the water. Check it out: