Let’s compare the best boat waxes of 2024 in detail.

Boat wax will help you protect your boat and keep it glossy and fresh. Boats & Charters editors reviewed the best boat wax brands of 2024. Read on for our editors’ top picks!

Having a quality and durable coat of wax applied to your boat is essential to maintaining the color, shine and integrity of gelcoat finishes. A quality wax will stand up to the sun’s relentless UV rays, salt water, and algae, and will keep your investment looking like new for years to come. Having a quality product applied regularly also makes in between cleanings easier, as grit and grime have a harder time sticking to clean gelcoat. With all the products available on the market today, let us help you find the right application for you.

Here are the best boat waxes of 2024, reviewed by our editors:

1. Meguiar’s Premium Marine Wax – Best Overall


Protect your investment and make it shine this season with Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Marine Wax, Boat Polish and Oxidation Remover. The unique long lasting polymer formulation protects from harmful UV rays while effectively removing oxidation, light swirls and scratches out of fiberglass and gelcoat.  With just one simple application you will see why Meguiar’s is a crowd favorite and the most popular one on the water.

2. Boat Bling Hot Sauce Premium Hard Water Spot Remover – Best Spray Wax


Looking to remove unsightly water spots but don’t want to jeopardize your current wax protection? BoatBling Hot Sauce Premium Hard Water spot remover is the ultimate in water spot remover and protection on the water today. It has high gloss wax sealants and is gentle and biodegradable yet powerful enough to remove scum line, hard water spots, and exhaust stains without stripping your surfaces of current wax protection. In fact, each application adds additional sealants to your surfaces and protects to ensure your boat is protected against the elements. Hot Sauce is designed for Fiberglass, Plastic, Chrome, Glass and all painted surfaces with a spray on, wipe off application. Enjoy a long-lasting high gloss finish with superior protection against the elements.

3. Boat Juice Pina Colada Cleaner – Best Exterior Wax


If you want to keep your boat looking fresh and clean this season, look no further than Boat Juice Pina Colada exterior sealant and water spot remover. This all-in-one cleaner safely cleans and removes mineral deposits and hard water spots from the exterior of your boat, all with a pleasant Pina Colada scent. Containing SiO2 Ceramic Sealant, the simple wipe on and wipe off formula will leave your gelcoat glossy and protected from the elements with unparalleled shine. It’s also safe on plastic, chrome, and vinyl graphics so there is no need for multiple products for different surfaces. Use wet or dry, and no rinsing is needed. A great value and sold in 32 ounce bottles, keep your boat in showroom condition all season long!

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