Let’s compare top salt-removing cleaners and products for your boat in detail.

Salt removers are a great choice for any boat owner who cruises out into salt water. Boats & Charters editors reviewed the best marine salt removers of 2024. Read on for our editors’ top picks!

If you take your beautiful boat out in the sea, you need to actively protect against salt deposits. Different than fresh water, salt water leaves deposits on your boat that not only can make it look dulled down, but can actually corrode metals and break down important structures of your boat.

If you take your boat out into the ocean, it’s necessary to have solid salt removers on hand. It’s a pillar of boat maintenance. You definitely don’t want salt lingering in your engine, so it’s important to just get into the habit of flushing your engine regularly.

Here are the best marine salt removers of 2024, reviewed by our editors:

1. Salt-Away Concentrate Kit Salt Remover – Best Overall, 18% OFF NOW


Invest in the ultimate protection against saltwater corrosion and keep your boat and gear looking like new with the Salt-Away kit with mixing unit. Made in the USA of 100% nontoxic biodegradable ingredients, this is a vital companion in saltwater environments. The mixing unit conveniently connects to a garden hose and its receptacle holds 4 ounces of concentrate.

Salt-Away is also an excellent choice for flushing your engines after a day on the water. This is an excellent core product to keep in your arsenal against the never ending battle against saltwater corrosion, and 32 ounce containers provide a great value for vital preventative maintenance.

2. Salty Captain Salt Wash Foaming Detergent – Best Foam Solution, 7% OFF COUPON


The Salt Wash Detergent from Salty Captain is a salt and grime busting formula here to effortlessly remove salt deposits from all surfaces. Ideal for all marine vehicles exposed to salt, it is the perfect addition to your salt removing maintenance routine that protects against the corrosive effects of saltwater for long lasting performance and appearance. The simple spray on and wash off formula makes it easy to protect your investment. This salt wash formula is safe for marine life, is PH neutral, and won’t strip ceramic or wax coatings from your vessel.

3. Star Brite Sea Safe Boat Wash – Best for Marine Ecosystems, 30% OFF


Instantly remove dirt, grime, salt deposits & more without removing wax or polish with the Star Brite Sea Safe boat wash. From bow to stern, this powerful biodegradable wash will leave your boat spotless and your environmental footprint small. The concentrated formula means you only need a small amount each time for maximum effectiveness, and the pleasing blueberry scent will turn washing from a chore into a pleasing maintenance routine. Only three capfuls are needed to transform a dirty boat back into the sparkling prized possession you knew! Feel good about using a salt-removing boat wash that’s protective of our marine ecosystems, too.

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